If divs are collapsible, are Ps sinkable?

<p class="titanic">
.titanic {float:none}

Courtesy of


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Why yes, I do have some comments


<div id=”body”> <!–body–>

<div id=”page”><!–page–>

<div id=”wrapper”><!–wrapper–>

<div id=”inside-wrapper”><!–inside wrapper. I use this for the wrapper that’s inside wrapper–>

<div id=”outer-inside-wrapper”><!–this is the wrapper inside the inside wrapper but outside the inner inside wrapper–>

<div id=”inner-inside-wrapper”><!–this is inside the outer inside wrapper that’s inside the inside wrapper –>

<div id=”inside-lining”><!–this div  is inside the inner outer inside wrapper that’s inside the inside wrapper–>

<div id=”insulation”> <!- this div is protecting the inside of the inside inner outer inside wrapper that’s inside the page wrapper–>

<div id=”h1″><!–wrapping up that h1–>

<h1>Hello World</h1>


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Apple is really getting out of hand

<iFrame src=”http://apple.com”

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Daniel-san asks Mr. Miagi some dumb questions sometimes

dojo.query(“.are-classes-better-than [type=text]“.style(“display”, “d’oh!”);


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And A coder, too, apparently


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Which, by the way, is still in the code



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Dude, what?

<h1>Best practices for celebrity code</h1>
<pre>  <code><p>  <dude>Jeff Bridges</dude></p>  </code></pre>
<p>Q: Is <code>dude</code> a block element and can it be nested in a <code>p</code> element according to valid HTML6?</p>

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What’s great is that I know they’re actually there

<section id=”rest-of-the-project”>

<details style=”visibility: hidden”>






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How’s that HTML5 Website project going?

<progress class=”none”>


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Yeah, I think it’s great when managers explain code to me

<form action=”Your-new-website.html”

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<input type=”magic” />


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