XHTML and CSS (10)

You know you could use the asterisk selector, right?

 font-style: bold;

What’s great is that I know they’re actually there

<section id="rest-of-the-project">

<details style="visibility: hidden">






How’s that HTML5 Website project going?

<progress class="none">


You really know how to screw with me, don’t you?

Web Geeks in the wild

You Really know how to screw with me, don’t you?

<h2 class="woot">new project launch date</h2>



content: "proposed";



display: none;


Congratulations on the new Harley Davidson

You're an asshole



His Attendance Was Unnecessary AND Unacceptable

<DIV id="technical" class="meeting"></DIV>

<HEAD class="your-boss"><STYLE type="text/css">

.your-boss {color:#fa17ed;}



Hey, I think you forgot to close something…

<section id="your-mouth">

<p> This entire workshop he's  teaching </p

But We Don’t Think A Helmet Would Matter


<meta name="description" content="You've made it clear that you're very special">

<meta name="keyword" content="special, ed">



head{ border-width:thick; padding:100%}


It Wasn’t Because of the Fuschia Jump Suit, either

<a href="//my-next-party/">

<codetype="html">Even if he apologizes for assaulting my fish...


I don't think <span id="your-boyfriend">  he  </span> is invited back.


#your-boyfriend:{min-height:"taller than a horse jockey";}

Pay Raises

<style type="text/css">


width: 3em;

height: 3em; }



visibility: hidden;}

#pay #raise p:after{




<div id="pay"><div id="raise"><p>Two Years of Hard work</p> </div></div>