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Finally the Black Sheep Song Makes Sense

var this = that; var that = this; var youCanGetWith = this || that; while (youCanGetWith !=”this” || ¬†youCanGetWith != “that”){ this = “where it’s at”; }

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Some functions are much clearer than others

function managers(){ var opinions = “bullcrap”; body.unload(opinions); }

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Daniel-san asks Mr. Miagi some dumb questions sometimes

dojo.query(“.are-classes-better-than [type=text]“.style(“display”, “d’oh!”);  

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Yeah, I think it’s great when managers explain code to me

<form action=”Your-new-website.html” method=”get”> <input type=”magic” /> </form>

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Please Stop Managing Project Plans Like Javascript Variables

var project_start == project_launch – project_duration; projectplan.write(“the project starts 8 weeks before it ends”); if (project_start<=Today()) { project_launch===project_launch; } else if (project_plan>=Today()) { project_launch===project_launch; } else {projectplan.write(“right on time”);}

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